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12th February 2019 Ben Austwick 0

The Click Click Play podcast is now on Spotify! Follow us so you don’t miss an episode by clicking here. Current missing episodes will be uploaded over the coming week.

Review – Mass Effect Andromeda

27th March 2017 Ben Austwick 0

Unlike many others who’ve played Mass Effect Andromeda, I was able to approach it from the unique perspective of never having completed a previous Mass Effect game. Blasphemy, I know, and something I’ll definitely rectify

Jordan Rees’ Top 10 PS4 Games

21st March 2017 Jordan Rees 0

I’ve been a diehard PlayStation fan since the launch of the PS1 in the mid-nineties. Games like Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy VII, and Metal Gear Solid showed me that video games could be so much

Review – Horizon Zero Dawn

19th March 2017 Jordan Rees 3

Jurassic Spark Horizon Zero Dawn is PlayStation’s best first-party exclusive since Naughty Dog’s exquisite, The Last of Us. Guerrilla Games have not only hit a mighty, if somewhat surprising, stride as a developer, but significantly

Test podcast tonight

17th January 2017 Ben Austwick 0

We’ll be testing out the podcasting and livestreaming software tonight at 9pm GMT. If you want to help us out and listen (giving us feedback etc), we’ll be broadcasting live from Ben’s Twitch channel.

Jordan’s Top 10 of 2016

1st January 2017 Ben Austwick 0

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided   Full disclaimer – I totally missed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided when creating early drafts of this list. That unfortunate fact alone should absolutely tell you something about the lack of