Review – Mass Effect Andromeda

27th March 2017 Ben Austwick 0

Unlike many others who’ve played Mass Effect Andromeda, I was able to approach it from the unique perspective of never having completed a previous Mass Effect game. Blasphemy, I know, and something I’ll definitely rectify

Review – Horizon Zero Dawn

19th March 2017 Jordan Rees 3

Jurassic Spark Horizon Zero Dawn is PlayStation’s best first-party exclusive since Naughty Dog’s exquisite, The Last of Us. Guerrilla Games have not only hit a mighty, if somewhat surprising, stride as a developer, but significantly

Review – 1-2-Switch

13th March 2017 Ben Austwick 0

Remember that quirky little Nintendo Switch ad where Karen took her brand new games console to a Manhattan rooftop party to play while sipping on cosmopolitans and scoffing homemade kale chips? You can bet Karen took

Review – Hitman

28th February 2017 Ben Austwick 1

I’m an international male supermodel standing in an ostentatiously decorated reading room on the top floor of a mansion in Paris. Some of the shadiest and most powerful people in the world are all bidding

Review – Nioh

28th February 2017 Jordan Rees 4

Irish Blood, Japanese Heart, This I’m Made Of That Dark Souls game was good, wasn’t it? Ever played Bloodborne? Oh, you did? And you think it’s the best PS4 exclusive (by a country mile), too?!