Jordan Rees’ Top Ten Games of 2018

19th December 2018 Jordan Rees 0

*** 10 Far Cry 5 From the Click Click Play review: Ultimately, there’s plenty to criticise about Far Cry 5. The story is cliche-filled and quickly loses its edge, control is taken away from the

Review – Detroit: Become Human

31st May 2018 Ben Austwick 0

Detroit: Become Human is a jaw-dropping graphical masterpiece utterly let down by failing to include a dose of subtlety. Having neither played a David Cage game, nor having watched anything other than the teaser trailer

Review – Far Cry 5

31st March 2018 Jordan Rees 1

Crysis of Faith Far Cry 5 takes the longstanding first-person shooter franchise in a brave and inventive new direction. Gone are the endless waves of cookie cutter, cannon fodder enemies. Gone are the annoyingly larger

Jordan Rees’ Top Ten Games of 2017

28th December 2017 Jordan Rees 0

  10. Destiny 2 2017 is a year that will be remembered for its shockingly impressive list of quality video game releases. It’s also a year that will be remembered for near endless controversy. For

Review – Sonic Mania

20th August 2017 Jordan Rees 1

Old Hog, New Tricks. Best Sonic game ever! A celebration of the past and a hopeful sign of things to come… The Sonic Cycle is broken! Better than Super Mario World in every way… That’s