Jordan Rees’ Top Ten Games of 2017

28th December 2017 Jordan Rees 0

  10. Destiny 2 2017 is a year that will be remembered for its shockingly impressive list of quality video game releases. It’s also a year that will be remembered for near endless controversy. For

Review – Sonic Mania

20th August 2017 Jordan Rees 1

Old Hog, New Tricks. Best Sonic game ever! A celebration of the past and a hopeful sign of things to come… The Sonic Cycle is broken! Better than Super Mario World in every way… That’s

Review – Mass Effect Andromeda

27th March 2017 Ben Austwick 0

Unlike many others who’ve played Mass Effect Andromeda, I was able to approach it from the unique perspective of never having completed a previous Mass Effect game. Blasphemy, I know, and something I’ll definitely rectify

Review – Horizon Zero Dawn

19th March 2017 Jordan Rees 3

Jurassic Spark Horizon Zero Dawn is PlayStation’s best first-party exclusive since Naughty Dog’s exquisite, The Last of Us. Guerrilla Games have not only hit a mighty, if somewhat surprising, stride as a developer, but significantly