Jordan Rees’ Top Ten Games of 2018

19th December 2018 Jordan Rees 0

*** 10 Far Cry 5 From the Click Click Play review: Ultimately, there’s plenty to criticise about Far Cry 5. The story is cliche-filled and quickly loses its edge, control is taken away from the

Jordan Rees’ Top Ten Games of 2017

28th December 2017 Jordan Rees 0

  10. Destiny 2 2017 is a year that will be remembered for its shockingly impressive list of quality video game releases. It’s also a year that will be remembered for near endless controversy. For

Ben’s top Twitch streamers

22nd April 2017 Ben Austwick 0

I used to pour scorn on Twitch, wondering why anyone would want to watch other gamers play video games when you can easily pick up a controller and play yourself. However, it only took a few

Jordan Rees’ Top 10 PS4 Games

21st March 2017 Jordan Rees 0

I’ve been a diehard PlayStation fan since the launch of the PS1 in the mid-nineties. Games like Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy VII, and Metal Gear Solid showed me that video games could be so much

Ben Austwick’s Top 10 PS4 Games

21st March 2017 Ben Austwick 0

The PlayStation 4 has dominated the console gaming charts in terms of both hardware and software recently and more and more people are either entering the market or upgrading to the PlayStation 4 Pro. I’m

In Defence Of Twitch

23rd February 2017 Ben Austwick 0

“Why would anyone want to watch someone play a video game? Go and play one yourself!” he sneered, returning to the live NBA game on TV without a hint of irony. It’s a common retort you