Ben’s top Twitch streamers

22nd April 2017 Ben Austwick 0

I used to pour scorn on Twitch, wondering why anyone would want to watch other gamers play video games when you can easily pick up a controller and play yourself. However, it only took a few

Click Click Play Podcast – Episode 12

9th April 2017 Ben Austwick 0

With the Brits on holiday (or maybe dead), Manny is joined by his YouTube celebrity brother Andre ( to discuss the latest in video game entertainment. Zelda, PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, silly space pirate game Star

Click Click Play Podcast – Episode 11

2nd April 2017 Ben Austwick 0

Ben, Jordan (and eventually Manny) have a wrestling and rising sun special, discussing NieR Automata, Persona 5, Yakuza 0, Destiny 2, South Park The Stick Of Truth, Bayonetta and Peta’s milking issues. Listen to the

Review – Mass Effect Andromeda

27th March 2017 Ben Austwick 0

Unlike many others who’ve played Mass Effect Andromeda, I was able to approach it from the unique perspective of never having completed a previous Mass Effect game. Blasphemy, I know, and something I’ll definitely rectify