Ben’s top Twitch streamers

I used to pour scorn on Twitch, wondering why anyone would want to watch other gamers play video games when you can easily pick up a controller and play yourself. However,┬áit only took a few streamers to help me realise why it’s such a popular platform for both those looking to stream and those watching. Here is an un-ordered list of my favourites:

An obvious choice due to the fact I do the Click Click Play podcast every week with him. That said, it was my interest in Star Citizen which first sent me in Manny’s direction and since then the lively chats, hilarious reactions to horror games and intense┬árage quits are just a few of the reasons I go back each time. He tends to stream a lot of MMO survival shooters like H1Z1 and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS but you can find him broadcasting various horror games and Star Citizen giveaways almost every night of the week.

One, if not the first person I tuned into after discovering the wonders of Quiplash. This New Zealander (not Australian, apparently) broadcasts at ungodly times of the day thanks to being on the other side of the world but as someone who goes to bed stupidly late, it’s perfect for me to tune in. Expect a lot of chat interaction, song requests, polls and other fun activities while he streams Jackbox Party Packs, Rocket League (he’s pretty darn good) and a variety of other games. I’m still waiting for that second playthrough of Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015.

Ever feeling a little down or stressed after a long day? Fire up the PC and tune into Rockitsauce. One of the friendliest and most charismatic streamers on Twitch, he plays a variety of modern games including Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn and is currently playing through The Witcher 3’s DLC.

A Destiny aficionado and fellow clan member, Buck is just starting out on Twitch and definitely deserves a follow. He’s currently living in Finland so I guess his streaming will be pretty regular as there’s only so much fishing a man can do in one day.

The laid back Hootster from L.A is a dab hand at CS:GO and H1Z1 and always worth tuning in if you fancy a chill stream with glimpses of rage. His streams are always entertaining and the topic of conversation in the chat is always bizarre. He also did the Mannequin challenge at a Hooters because why not? There is a video.

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