Ben Austwick’s Top 10 PS4 Games

The PlayStation 4 has dominated the console gaming charts in terms of both hardware and software recently and more and more people are either entering the market or upgrading to the PlayStation 4 Pro. I’m often asked by new PS4 owners what games I’d recommend, so here is my top 10 list. I’ve left out games that were ports of PS3 games, although I’d highly recommend Grand Theft Auto V and The Last Of Us to anyone who hasn’t already played either of them.

10. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Whether a licensed game is a help or hindrance nowadays is up for debate – what isn’t up for debate is how addictive and enjoyable this game is to play. Shadow of Mordor is an open-world action game with RPG elements and freedom to roam (and climb) anywhere you wish. The story may be loose around the edges but the combat style, skill progression and ability to carefully plan your assault on an enemy base is second to none. The nemesis system, where defeating highly-ranked enemies leaves a power vacuum to be fought over by their subordinates, is unique amongst games and moulds a notably personal story for each playthrough.
For: People who want to relieve tension by blowing up orcs’ skulls with a flick of the wrist.

9. Nioh

Although a lot more linear than Shadow of Mordor, with expertly designed levels and a straightforward but encapsulating story, Nioh is similar in that it’s an action-based game that excels in its combat. Much trickier than most games on this list, Nioh is not to be taken lightly, yet when you die (trust me, you will a lot), you never feel like it’s wasted. Knowing what to avoid, how to tackle certain enemies and banking experience points to gain levels will ensure you’re stronger and much better prepared the next time you face almost certain death. Check out our review for more.
For: People with lots of patience who like ninjas.


8. Watch Dogs 2

Its prequel was an unmitigated disaster to such an extent that few expected there to be a sequel. Luckily, there was and we were presented with a Grand Theft Auto for the hacking generation. Like GTA, Watch Dogs 2 pokes fun at modern society and with endless futuristic gadgets at your disposal, you can spend hours just wandering around San Francisco blowing up drainpipes and sending local gangs after innocent hipsters.
For: People who enjoy GTA but want a few more gadgets and a futuristic San Francisco setting.

7. Final Fantasy 15

After a rebranding, redesign and numerous delays, Square Enix finally released Final Fantasy XV in late 2016, resulting in it missing out on many publications’ Game Of The Year lists. This semi-open world combat RPG with a gripping yet criminally short story (for a Final Fantasy game) deserved a place amongst the very best of 2016 and with its 6-part DLC just around the corner and a patch improving the confusing ‘Chapter 13’, FFXV will likely be garnering much more support throughout 2017 and beyond.
For: People who like their Final Fantasy games to be free of elves and mages.

Final Fantasy XV

6. Firewatch

Having been recommended this game by a friend and noticing it was on sale, I bought it on a whim and went in totally blind. This relaxing, story-driven ‘walking simulator’ (as some sneeringly call this genre), is one of the finest games of its type and you’ll find yourself yearning to get lost in its setting for real. If you’ve not played it, do like I did and experience it without any research and soak it all up.
For: A chilled Sunday afternoon gaming session.

5. Metal Gear Solid V

Despite having a famously-troubled development, Metal Gear Solid V was a worthy addition to the Metal Gear franchise, adding visuals that were unparalleled on the PS4 until the release of the Pro. The lore-heavy storyline, intense but satisfying story quests and ridiculous balloon tethering make this a must-buy game for all fans of the stealth-action genre.
For: People who like to listen to 80s music as they send sheep into space.

Metal Gear Solid V

4. Titanfall 2

Like many First Person Shooters, Titanfall 2 is a short game, but one that introduces so many great ideas to each level it’ll likely influence the industry for many years to come. Every mission in the game provides a new experience or mechanic that sets it apart from the one that preceded it. After completing the main campaign in around 8 hours, I was left desperate for more and luckily the online multiplayer mode is a fitting addition to the game. As someone who does terribly in competitive play, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of TF2’s MP experience and, as is popular nowadays, all DLC maps and future content will be available free of charge!
For: People who enjoy crushing others while wearing a giant mech suit.

3. Horizon Zero Dawn

Let’s not beat around the bush here, Horizon Zero Dawn is one of (if not the) most stunning video game ever released on a console. However, don’t let that trick you into thinking this open-world post-post-apocalyptic action masterpiece is all glitter and no gold. The campaign will take you at least 40 hours to complete and the numerous side quests, dungeons (known as cauldrons) and ways you can tinker with weapons will keep you preoccupied for many more. Check out our review for a more detailed assessment.
For: People who appreciate ginger-haired badasses.

Horizon Zero Dawn

2. Hitman

IO Interactive took a very brave step when releasing Hitman episodically, something which has absolutely paid off. Their constant support through updates, free bonus missions and elusive targets makes it a game worth coming back to on a regular basis and has strengthened their loyal fanbase, already resulting in the announcement of a second season. Hitman’s history of weak plots is certainly not going to end with this release but despite the long load times, the incredible amount of choice presented to you with every stunningly-crafted and unique level this game is a must-buy for anyone who enjoys plotting, planning and dropping a giant stuffed moose onto a corrupt CEO. Check out our review for more.
For: People who like kicking Italian businessmen off cliffs.

1. Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End

No ‘Best of’ PlayStation list would be complete without the legendary Uncharted series near the top. With awe-inspiring locations, a gripping plot and action scenes that make modern James Bond movies feel like snoozefests, A Thief’s End sets the bar for future story-based action games and Sony would be crazy not to revisit the franchise in the years ahead.
For: People who appreciate a man with a strong grip.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Let me know in the comments if you think I’ve missed any!

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