The Pretty Fly Cast returns in one week!

The Pretty Fly Cast, a podcast started by Ben and Jordan last year will arise from the ashes on January 22nd! Ben writes about what’s happening with the site now.

Hello folks, we’re back! It’s been a while but due to a computer dying and other commitments it just wasn’t possible to record podcasts. However, fear not! I now have a brand-spanking-new PC (which I’ll doubtlessly drone on about on the next Pretty Fly Cast) and recording can re-commence!

I’ve also got a lot more free time due to relocating next to where I work (honestly, I’ve freed up about 20 hours a week) and I’m able to contribute to the site in terms of reviews, opinion articles and such like, so keep your eyes peeled (or this site bookmarked) for future content!¬†This has also given me plenty of time for gaming and Twitch streaming so feel free to drop me a follow on there and check out what I’m currently playing!

Let’s talk about the big elephant in the room – we’ve changed the name! No longer are we Pretty Fly Gaming/Cast, a name we felt was a little odd and brought up an unhealthy amount of Offspring videos when Googled. We figure that Click Click Play is a lot snappier, memorable and has a gaming connection. Furthermore, we’re not cool enough to have ‘Pretty Fly’ in the title. W

e’re in the process of renaming the podcast but haven’t decided on anything¬†yet – feel free to make suggestions in the comments!

Thanks again to those who’ve returned after our absence and also to those who’ve found us recently, I’ll be making a post at the end of the week with details on how you can watch the podcast being recorded live and how to download if you miss it. See you then!


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